Meet the Vallimonts ~ Local Root Farm, Duvall

This is a special session for me to share with you guys.  These are friends of mine.  Friends that that are actually like family.  Mike has been an older brother to me over the years.  He comes from a large family that my husband and I have been close to since we were teens.  There are so many memories I have flooding my mind.  We’ve experienced the best of times and the hardest of times together.  So how do you sum up a 25 year friendship in a few words?  Really you can’t.  So I tried to capture my feelings for them and what I know of them in these images. I wish I could share them all.

I am so excited for their journey to come.  So much love already surrounds them.

I can’t even write this without being super emotional.  I love you guys to the moon!~