Meet the Mowery’s ~ Duvall, WA Photographer

Sessions at your own home are so amazing!  This family lives close to me and has a spectacular view of the valley.  Also their home was equally jaw dropping.  My new dream home in fact.  And they have the cutest boys ever.

We happen to get a sun break from the rain and dark clouds this day and wow.  I try not to reschedule sessions because around here the weather is so bipolar.  One minute it’s pouring and the next it can be clear and stunning.  Especially after the rain there is this vibrant clarity.  Next time it stops raining and the sun pops out, take a look around.  It’s a magnificent scene.  One time this happened to me at the Butchart Gardens in Canada and I was blown away.

And can I tell you how awesome it is to edit at home by myself while the kids are in school?!  I am so productive.  Yassssss!