Taya + Elijah Wed~Pioneer Park Pavillion, Puyallup wa

(I had typed this blog up a few weeks ago.  Life got in the way.  So sorry about the delay.)

Where do I begin with this beautiful love story.  Well I have photographed this lovely bride in two other weddings so I really already can rave about her and her kind demeanor.  So to say the least I was very ecstatic to get the message to get together for the bridal consult.

I love all the uniques pieces in their wedding from the purple cons to the cake topper. You can see their personality as a couple.  My most favorite moments are the groom to be on stage touching his bride to be’s shoulder as she read the vows. I could see her shoulders relax.  And the moments after their vows they came outside for the first time reading the bible together as a married pair.  The sun was setting and the words were sinking in to really ground them for the journey ahead.

After those moments we headed in for the taco bar, cake cutting, first dances, and an awesome donut bar.  I saw lots of new moves on the dance floor and smiles blazing throughout the room.  Then after all that we had our “singing in the rain” moment without any rain.  It was glorious.  And this is only a smidgen of the images to look at.  But they are some of my favorites. I am using some new software to create this new look.