Meet the Lehmans~In studio

Winter is here in full effect.  You may think this is not the best time for pictures, but Au Contraire Mon Frere.  I’ve actually had one of my busiest months shooting in clients homes, my studio, and a quick jaunt outside in the cold.  And I’ve also been designing a book for my biggest client.  So its been a well-rounded month.   Somehow I have to catch up on blogging.  So here I go.

The first session is a mini family session.  We shot here in the studio and literally 15 minutes outside by my home.

This just melts my heart.  Did I mention this is my family?  The next shot we were able to use my Great Grandfather’s high chair.  That’s a five generation connection.  Awwww….

What can I say?!  Auntie/Sister loves you three!! 

Goodbye 2011!  You treated me well with sugar and spice.  Hello 2012!


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