Best in Show

First of all, that is one of the funniest movies I happen to adore.  Second, we have a little beauty on our hands over here.  We have welcomed a new puppy into our hearts.  In fact, I’ve been having so much fun that I hadn’t posted any pictures of her for days and received this message on FB:

What in the world, you take photos of leaves, rocks, moss etc and you get a new puppy and you haven’t uploaded ONE photo yet?!?! Come on Amber, put that little puppy in a cut little outfit, get him in your “yuen lui” studio and take a family portrait. I want to see him. So did Dylan Freak out?? Names?? My vote is for Bob, Verdell or Norman. 🙂

Of course this message was from a dear friend.  I died of laughter.  So now our puppy, Miley is posted all over my facebook and now deserves her mug on my blog as well.

These are some of the cute things my son says to her

  • its your big brother(over and over)
  • Oh you’re a sweet little angel
  • aren’t you just the cutest thing



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  1. OMG! Isn’t that puppy just the cutest!! I adore the one with the frog 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    What a little cutie! No wonder you were busy playing instead of putting up pics!!

  3. Ohhh Amber…what a cute little pup!! 🙂

  4. So stinkin’ cute! Love them all!

  5. Veronica aka Vergramica says:

    I just burst out in laughter at the site of Miley with her Kermit on her head. I have to have one of these for my fridge.

  6. Melissa M. says:

    LOVE the image with Kermit!

  7. robin says:

    Aww, how cute!

  8. Erin says:

    Omg! How cute!

  9. Kelly R says:

    Such a cute little puppy! Love your pictures of the little one!

  10. amy says:

    oh how stinkin CUTE! love these!

  11. Michelle R says:

    SOOOOO CUTE! I totally want one!

  12. Melissa K says:

    What a cute little thing!

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