Making Memories

I had a very special photography moment happen to me the other day.  I was at my friend’s house (also a client) and saw a few pictures up from our session on the counters.   I thought  is was very nice and flattering.  My heart was happy and I felt all crazy with butterflies.   Then I was admiring her wall collage of black and white photos just like I always do.  It took me a while to notice that the bottom pictures were ones that I took.  I thought wait a minute!  Then my eyes started to well up with tears.  I thought there is nothing she could have said to me to express how she felt about the pictures I took for her.  Seeing them up there said it all to me. 

 This job is incredible.  I have never felt this way about anything I have ever done.  To see your art displayed in someone’s home is really indescribable.  Now I know why my Dad has loved being a photographer now for so many years!

Coming this week with be fitness photos and family portraits.


  1. It is very flattering you see your creativity cherished by others. Your “eye” is really good!

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