Meet the Bilodeaus~Lake Kachess, Easton

What can I say about my dear friends and their wonderful family…….. I’m pretty sure you can tell how awesome they are by the love they are showing each other in the photos.  I was hoping to be adopted by the end of the night!!.  I’m really not sure what the best part of the day was.  It could have been the beautiful drive blaring my hippity hop music, the adventurous drive to our location in the snow (since I drive a van this can be considered adventurous to me),  making a yummy dinner with the family, playing ping-pong off the ceiling of the kitchen, or just being with some of my dearest friends.

I may have bawled my eyes out on my way home.

I would love to post the whole session, but these are some of my favorites.

I must admit that I was so nervous to photograph such creative people.  Happy 40th Anniversary to you guys.  You have wonderful children and grandchildren.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your happy day.  Thank you Monica!  I hope to make the drive again soon! 

Josiah+Cami~private backyard location

Where to begin on a love story….

It began for me the day I married my best friend.  And for my dear friend, Cami, I think this is the start to her story.  The day life’s journey really begins.  The day you declare your love in front of the world and never look back.  I’m still choked up from just being a viewer of the days events.  I’m just a romantic that never gets tired of the gestures from the heart.  Everything is out in the open on a wedding day.  The embrace, the kiss, the tears….everything.

So here’s the story in pictures for you all to imagine.

These images are just a tease really of the 900 more that were taken.  I hope you all saw a glimmer of what I did.

special thanks to:

Taya Ponath~flowers

Melany Hughes @ Salon Rouge~hair

Deborah Cobb~catering

Tony Bridges of The Tony Bridges Band~musician

Debbie Palmer~makeup

I love you, Cami!  You found your prince charming and your happily ever after.  Here’s to forever!

Meet Hunter~Mckee Ranch, Las Vegas

Last week, on a business trip for Discount Direct, I flew to Las Vegas.  This allowed me to schedule a session while I was in town.  Which was a first for me to shoot professionally out-of-state.  A very big deal for little old me.  I hope I can continue shooting if different states.

The session took place at this awesome farm called Mckee Ranch, with about a hundred different setups for amazing backdrops.  Everywhere you look there was an antique or an animal wandering around.  The animals were very friendly.  Bunnies were hopping by and chickens doing what they do.  If you have a little tot this would be a great escape for a couple of hours.

Hunter kept me on my toes for sure.  He was fascinated with all the surroundings.  He must have napped like a champ after this session.  I know I wanted too.  I loved meeting this little guy and his mama.  It seemed like we always knew each other.  Which is a great feeling!

I hope you enjoy my favorite images!

Thank you so much Sara for this wonderful opportunity!  I can’t say enough what that meant to me.  You even went out of your way to pick me up.  So you really went the extra mile for me~literally!  You have a beautiful boy who is going to break some hearts for sure!  I really hope our paths cross again! Mi casa is Su casa.

Fashion Shoot~private home in Duvall

A recent photo shoot allowed me to dabble in a new genre~ the world of fashion and portfolio building.  I loved exploring this side of photography.  It was challenging and exciting to have a little crew of workers all collaborating ideas.  I learned so much at this shoot.  I love expanding my horizons.

This selection of photos were just part one of a series to come.  What a beauty!  I want to give a big thank you to all that helped.  The home that we were able to use was so beautiful.  I think I walked around saying I love this to every wall I saw.

Thank you so much for this experience, Vannessa!  It’s been wonderful reconnecting on such a creative venture!   

Meet Lola and Russel

How would you like to go on an adventure?  To a place right out of a storybook.  A secret hideaway with a serene pond filled with lily pads, hidden mushrooms, bright red leaves, crisp apples, and the smell is clean and clear.  You can run care-free without a worry, except for the big scary bear that has been spotted near the woods.

I hope these guys know I may be moving in soon.  I love it here.  How lovely it would be to disappear beneath the tall grass with a good book.

So here’s your chance to imagine yourself here.  Become and kid again and get lost in Lola and Russel’s playground.♥

Thank you so much Tonya for letting me capture your sweet children.  They are so full of laughter and love.  I just wanted to snuggle them and run around.  I can barely keep up.  I wish they stayed little like they are.  You are one lucky momma!

Photo Walk

Last weekend I was able to participate in the I ♥ faces photo walk in Seattle.  Some beautiful girls modeled for us on the streets  of downtown.  I really had no idea what to expect since I hadn’t done anything like this before.  But I can now say I know what it’s like to be a part of the paparazzi.  Well, maybe just a glimmer!  We were a bit of a spectacle to say the least.  People were crowding around us to see what the heck we were doing.  There were great area’s to take photos.  The Olympic Sculpture Park was awesome.

Ok here are a few shots!

August – September Specials

Well, back to school is around the corner. So appropriately we want to give our seniors a break. And since you still have that great tan, now is the time to take a great photo shoot. By the end of the school year your money will be spent on prom, tuxes, yearbooks, and graduation. So now is the time to consider your portraits.

This is our Senior Portfolio Package Special
2 hours on location
Images on-line free
40 wallets free
6 8×10’s free
10 5×7’s free

2 hours on location
Images on-line free
DVD with all images
40 wallets free
8 8×10’s free
10 5×7’s free

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