Cama Beach

This is just another family day in my life.  We do get together with family quite a bit.  This place stands out to me for a couple of reasons.  The shells on the beach.   The cabins you can rent.  The location was so close to home.  It was unique and definitely somewhere I want to…

Meet Aj and Isabel

Mother and daughter have such a unique bond.  I can see that these two have tons of fun together!  I saw lots of snuggles and giggles and even a few secrets.  And it was an amazing day in the northwest.   Everyone and their brother were out and about soaking up the sunshine.  Kirkland is a hotspot…

Dramatic B&W Photo Challenge

Ok I’m on a roll with these challenges.  This is my second week participating.  The week’s challenge is a dramatic black and white image.  This happens to be my sister after receiving her first musical instrument, the violin.  All I can say is hopefully the lessons start soon!  Does she look determined or what?!

“Focusing on Angles” contest

I’m trying out a photo challenge.  I’ve been lurking this website for a while now and decide it was time to put myself out there.  If you love photography like I do I know you will love there site.   The theme this week is called “Focusing on Angles.”  I think she looks pretty angelic.   Enjoy~