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Keenan’s back~Snoqualmie Falls


I LOVE to watch my little clients grow up.  This is our third session together and this little guy is now 4!!  He has a beaming personality which you are about to see.  A killer smile with dreamy blue eyes that is such an adorable combo. I was quite impressed that he now also knows some yoga. We walked […]

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Meet Greysen & Tripp~ Farrel Mcwhiter Park


I had a little dayshavoo during this session.  Little Tripp reminded me so much of my own baby boy at that age.  They were the same size, had the same amount of chub, the same amount of hair, those smiling blue eyes, and he is such a happy boy.  I could eat him up.  Both of these two are […]

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Meet Hunter~Mckee Ranch, Las Vegas

Last week, on a business trip for Discount Direct, I flew to Las Vegas.  This allowed me to schedule a session while I was in town.  Which was a first for me to shoot professionally out-of-state.  A very big deal for little old me.  I hope I can continue shooting if different states. The session took […]

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Meet the Nereson/Gades~private home


This was my last session of 2011.  This past year marked growth for my little business.  My passion hasn’t wavered.  If anything its burning a little hotter now.  So watch out 2012.!  I’m hoping to make it a fierce, remarkable one.  I’m going to work on speeding up my workflow, sticking to my schedule,  and […]

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Meet the Bhatias~Redmond City Hall


There is something special about photographing the ones you love.  You already know their personalities.  I don’t have the same nervousness with them.  Like, “What will they think of me when I have to act like a fool in front of their kids to get them to laugh?”  Which, I am getting pretty good at. […]

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Meet the Shermans~Country Village Bothell


First off,♥ happy first day of summer ♥.  I think it may have hit 8O° today.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  This would be the first day of the year that was in the 8Os.  Bring on the heat! No more pencils…no more books.  School’s out for summer.  I’m kicking off with my traditional park day […]

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Meet the Strein family~family portraits

 I had the privilege of photographing this family.  There were blue eyes that were piercing my heart.  What a cutie.  I wish you guys could see the rolls under his shirt.  Yes, another heartbreaker is born.  Thank you Chris and Corina for coming to me!! Beethoven eat your heart out.  

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I have a Kindie!

That’s what my kindergartener is refered to at his new school.  I almost lost it a few times on the orientation already.  How did this happen and how is my little guy going to walk into school without me??!  AHHHHHH!  Seriously….I don’t know what I would do if I was still at work right now.  […]

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Meet Aj and Isabel

Mother and daughter have such a unique bond.  I can see that these two have tons of fun together!  I saw lots of snuggles and giggles and even a few secrets.  And it was an amazing day in the northwest.   Everyone and their brother were out and about soaking up the sunshine.  Kirkland is a hotspot […]

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Dramatic B&W Photo Challenge

Ok I’m on a roll with these challenges.  This is my second week participating.  The week’s challenge is a dramatic black and white image.  This happens to be my sister after receiving her first musical instrument, the violin.  All I can say is hopefully the lessons start soon!  Does she look determined or what?!

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