This Stud is One~ McCormick Park, Duvall

This is the second session for this adorable family.  Their son was a newborn the last time I saw him.  And now such a big boy who is about to turn the big 1!  They had a vibrant day with gorgeous sun and fall color here in our small town.  It was actually 70* here.  Such an amazing October in the pacific Northwest.  Of course we had their pup, Penny join in the fun and had a cake smash at the end.

I never know how one year olds will enjoy cake.  Some like my son, never had a drop of sugar and don’t even like the sugary dessert.  I tried not to let him have much sugar due to having gestational diabetes during my pregnancy.  Others cry when they can’t have anymore.  So I’m eager to watch how they react.  This little guy was very pleased with the frosting.

I love getting to know these guys and all the ones from our town in the past few years.  Some of the parks around are becoming very familiar.  Duvall has so much for offer.  We used the trail and the big park in downtown for our session.  If you get a chance to come here make sure to stop at CCs Espresso for amazing ice cream and the awesome umbrella alley they put up.  Also they had a great pumpkin patch with an awesome corn maze at the local Muddy Boots.

I have so many great recommendations to share. So here is one more.  Your precious pup can be pampered at Best Buddy Dog wash.  We have a high maintenance pooch and they calm her down and make her look like all fresh and posh.  We LOVE them!

Here are my favorites from this session.

Keenan’s back~Snoqualmie Falls

I LOVE to watch my little clients grow up.  This is our third session together and this little guy is now 4!!  He has a beaming personality which you are about to see.  A killer smile with dreamy blue eyes that is such an adorable combo. I was quite impressed that he now also knows some yoga.

We walked around the Snoqualmie falls area and then went to see the trains in downtown Snoqualmie.  Giant rocks and trains were a huge hit!

Here are some highlights from our session!
















Thank you so much Corina and Chris!  You have such a wonderful little boy.  I wish you both the best!


Meet Greysen & Tripp~ Farrel Mcwhiter Park

I had a little dayshavoo during this session.  Little Tripp reminded me so much of my own baby boy at that age.  They were the same size, had the same amount of chub, the same amount of hair, those smiling blue eyes, and he is such a happy boy.  I could eat him up.  Both of these two are so cute!  And we chose the coolest day of the heat wave this week.  Thank goodness!  It’s been hot up in here!

I was prepared to be left in the dust, but to my surprise, the two sat together having a blast.  I didn’t even need my running shoes!  So here are my favorites from our session.

Contact me now if you want to get your family pics done this summer.  I have a few days open.

The first pic below is titled, “if brother can do this, so can I”.

Tasha, you have such wonderful babies!  They are so happy and snuggly.  I’m so delighted I get to see them every week!  Thank you so much for letting me photograph their smiling faces!  xoxoxo

Meet Hunter~Mckee Ranch, Las Vegas

Last week, on a business trip for Discount Direct, I flew to Las Vegas.  This allowed me to schedule a session while I was in town.  Which was a first for me to shoot professionally out-of-state.  A very big deal for little old me.  I hope I can continue shooting if different states.

The session took place at this awesome farm called Mckee Ranch, with about a hundred different setups for amazing backdrops.  Everywhere you look there was an antique or an animal wandering around.  The animals were very friendly.  Bunnies were hopping by and chickens doing what they do.  If you have a little tot this would be a great escape for a couple of hours.

Hunter kept me on my toes for sure.  He was fascinated with all the surroundings.  He must have napped like a champ after this session.  I know I wanted too.  I loved meeting this little guy and his mama.  It seemed like we always knew each other.  Which is a great feeling!

I hope you enjoy my favorite images!

Thank you so much Sara for this wonderful opportunity!  I can’t say enough what that meant to me.  You even went out of your way to pick me up.  So you really went the extra mile for me~literally!  You have a beautiful boy who is going to break some hearts for sure!  I really hope our paths cross again! Mi casa is Su casa.

Meet the Nereson/Gades~private home

This was my last session of 2011.  This past year marked growth for my little business.  My passion hasn’t wavered.  If anything its burning a little hotter now.  So watch out 2012.!  I’m hoping to make it a fierce, remarkable one.  I’m going to work on speeding up my workflow, sticking to my schedule,  and jumping higher out of my comfort zone.  Oh yeah and breaking more rules, entering more contests, traveling, and exploring more genres of photography.

This session was so much fun.  They have such a sweet pooch and an amazing little boy.  His super smart vocabulary and energy kept me on my feet.  Mom and Dad are so involved teaching him how to do just about everything.  Even teaching him the art of fly tying.  I hope you enjoy my favorites from our session.  That last one really says it all doesn’t it?!  We had a great time together.

I can’t thank you guys enough for choosing to come to me.  You were even willing to sit in the wagon for me!  What great sports you guys are.

Meet the Bhatias~Redmond City Hall

There is something special about photographing the ones you love.  You already know their personalities.  I don’t have the same nervousness with them.  Like, “What will they think of me when I have to act like a fool in front of their kids to get them to laugh?”  Which, I am getting pretty good at.

For this session I got to do just that.  I shot three people I love! I got to be “Miss Amber” for the session chasing my little Forrest Gump all over the park.  I love his perfect manners and his contagious spirit.  If I could only keep up….LOL!  I need to start running to get in shape for the next session~STAT.

They chose this awesome location right by the redmond city hall.  What a beautiful and perfect spot.  There weren’t a ton a people around and we had the fountain, sculptures, flowers, grassy fields, and colorful art to use for a modern urbany park feel.  So I’ll be going back to use that location again for sure.

Here are a few of my favorite images of the session.

Thank you so much for the honor of coming to me for this session.  You guys are so special to me.  I love being a part of your lives.  And I can’t wait for our next vacation!  Love you guys!

Meet the Shermans~Country Village Bothell

First off,♥ happy first day of summer ♥.  I think it may have hit 8O° today.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  This would be the first day of the year that was in the 8Os.  Bring on the heat!

No more pencils…no more books.  School’s out for summer.  I’m kicking off with my traditional park day meet up with all my mommy friends.   I think I’ve been sending out evites for at least 4 years now.  It’s a great way to meet new people and explore all the parks in the area.  If fact, the location of this session was at one of my favorites parks~Country Village in Bothell.  On Saturday we were able to get kettle corn and the train was on the move for the kids.

You may recognize this lovely family.  These are a few highlights of their second session with me.  What an honor.  I am so happy to see the babies I shoot grow up.  She came with a huge smile and wispy hair, which equals pure eye candy for me to photograph.  It was great to have such interactive parents.  I really didn’t have to do much, other than take a paparazzi stance.

Thank you so much for coming back to me.  I wish I could play with your little more.  She is so full of joy and love.  You guys are great parents!

Meet the Strein family~family portraits

 I had the privilege of photographing this family.  There were blue eyes that were piercing my heart.  What a cutie.  I wish you guys could see the rolls under his shirt. 

Yes, another heartbreaker is born.  Thank you Chris and Corina for coming to me!!

Beethoven eat your heart out.


I have a Kindie!

That’s what my kindergartener is refered to at his new school.  I almost lost it a few times on the orientation already.  How did this happen and how is my little guy going to walk into school without me??!  AHHHHHH!  Seriously….I don’t know what I would do if I was still at work right now.  I would be a mess.  Obviously I know it will by fine, but I’m not ready for this.  He is.  I’m not.

So today we walked to school.  That’s something I did as a kid.  I walked to school until 7th grade and still had quite the walk to the bus stop.  It was good for me physically and mentally so I’m keeping that tradition alive for my little guy.  And it was a great time for him and I to chat about school!

I love my boy so much I wanted this post to just be about him and how much he means to me.  Next week is going to emotional in so many ways.  The first real week of school and then off to Disneyland with the Martin clan.  This will be a trip I will never forget!

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Meet Aj and Isabel

Mother and daughter have such a unique bond.  I can see that these two have tons of fun together!  I saw lots of snuggles and giggles and even a few secrets.  And it was an amazing day in the northwest.   Everyone and their brother were out and about soaking up the sunshine.  Kirkland is a hotspot for the eastsiders.  That’s what we call ourselves out here. 

I want to thank Amy for the great referral!  I really enjoyed meeting Aj and Isabel.