80s Night at Central Cinema

I wanted to share with you guys an amazing experience I had last night at this swanky place. Central Cinema is the bomb! Sorry for the poor verbiage, but what else can I say?!. Other than seeing New Moon this weekend there wasn’t much else going on, but a friend of mine wanted to take me to a cinema where I could enjoy drinks, food, watch 80s movies, and here’s the kicker, sing-a-long! This was how movies of that era were intended to be watched. In a room full of like-minded movie buffs, a glass of wine, and hysterical laughter.

Among the many movies shown were Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Rocky, Top Gun, and many many more. I was unexpectedly belting out the lyrics to every song. Those lyrics were on the screen with the montage of the movie for any of you reluctant. But somehow the Eye of the Tiger will come back to you! I know it! By the end of the movie we were all up dancing. What an impact the song and movie combo can have on you. Oh and don’t forget that glass of wine! My foot was tapping along the whole time. Shhhhh….don’t let everyone know. That could be quite embarrassing.

We will be going back to this joint. They have an upcoming 90s movie sing-a-long that I can not miss! If you are in the Seattle area, go to capitol hill one night and check this place out!

So as you can see my images today really have nothing to do with the post. But they are fun spirited!

I guess this one could be representing pretty in pink!