Grass Lawn Park

I just really want to pimp this park out. I love it. It’s been remodeled in the past year and they have made it one of my top 5 on the East side. It has it all, giant play structures, a water feature, huge grassy fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, great bike paths for small children. What more could you ask for?!

I’ve been taking all the kids around this summer and loving it.

Here’s something terrible for you. My son was saying the words of a horrible song today in the super market. I could have died. He was saying, “birthday sex” over and over again. I have been so careful to change the channel, but I think I may have zoned it out and let the radio play for a bit before I heard those terrible words. I think I may need some more caffeine in my day. Or a few slaps on the cheeks to stay focused! Either that or I should just stick to Cd’s that I burn myself. Dumb radio station!

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  1. Móni says:

    that is too funny sis, I almost shed a tear, 🙂

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