Playing Hookey

So I’ve been out of town for a bit. We took a camping trip to Alta Lake. Every time I go camping I forget the amount of work it is and the amount of sleep I loose. It’s all worth it, but I’m exhausted. Seriously exhausted! Round two is just around the corner. So this week will be busy and will probably fly by.

This is me and my little guy inner tubing for the first time. He loved it and went numerous times! He’s growing up way too fast!

Go fly a kite!

Sweet dreams little one. I love his unshowered curls flapping in the wind. Thank goodness for the shower when we finally returned. I really appreciate my little luxuries so much more! My bed feels like heaven. A shower is dreamy. My fridge is efficient. I could go on, but I’ll stop myself for you guys!

At the end of the week we have an engagement session. This will be on the property of the wedding. What a great idea for the pictures. It will be mapped out in our heads with our creative minds going 100 miles per minute. My dad has already been there, so I can’t wait to see the setting. Also their doggies will be in some pictures. If you are wondering why we don’t post all the pictures here is the reason. We offer clients privacy with passwords to access the photos. So it’s really up to them. As you know there are a lot of photo stealers out there. It’s pretty scary sometimes!