It was just the weekend to tease me. I happen to have this large lens on and they called it the bazooka lens. I also got a lot of, “Whoa! That camera is bigger than you are! Then one day my friend and I happen to wear the same bright yellow jacket to the same place. I’m sure you can imagine what was said. “Hey did you call each other and plan that?” Hardy har har. I admit it was pretty funny. Go ahead and make fun of the picture geek or the yellow bobsy twin. I don’t care! Bring it!

This was part of such a thoughtful baby shower gift. The mother of the mama to be made a dollhouse with a rabbit sock doll who had a sock doll wiener dog. Then there were pictures of this doll doing things at Grandma’s house in Hawaii. This sock doll had her own cute bag and sweater. It was an explosion of creativity. My mind was blown. The mixture of crafting, photography, and painting, sewing, and probably even more was almost too much. How can someone be so good at all of those?! Well that’s something I can dream of. She is my inspiration of the day!