Getting Ready For a Photoshoot

I really should be cooking dinner right now, but blogging sounds so much more fun!

I thought I would explain my next photography session. I am going it alone to take a photograph of a pioneer school. They are the graduating class of 2009. They are the first of two this year. There will be all smiles and people filled with joy. I hope that some of that enthusiasm seeps into my direction. I can always use some more of that kind of love around me.

I am hoping for some good weather to shoot the photo outside using the steps in the front of Kingdom Hall. There is a pretty backdrop in a few places. I snuck a peek there today. I only found one good area undercover if it decides to rain on us. So stay away rain! PLEASE!

I’m going to pick up some equipment to take to the site.

I think I have everything I need now and will practice setting up and tearing down. I may require some models and use the room upstairs. I have a few gorgeous kids around here I can wrangle up if I need to. Tonight I learned more about the metering system on the camera. I wish I knew this before. It’s going to make picking the ISO and shutter speeds way easier. I would usually pick the setting and look at them and reset. This will narrow the search by a mile. Not really a mile, but you know what I mean. And my dad gave me his light meter to play around with and learn. It’s more sophisticated that the one on the camera. It’s a hand held device. If I can find the brand I’ll add it too this post.

So here is the set up I’m bringing:
Two light stands
Three flashes
Wide angle lens
Light meter
Batteries (12)
2 gig cards
Flash covers in case we go inside
Extra camera battery
Umbrella just in case
Plastic bags to cover flashes if it rains
Camera holder (not sure the proper name)

Ok I hope that’s all I need. If you think of something I really need on my list let me know!