Bee Hives, Currants, and Starbucks Oh My!

You’re probably wondering what all these things have in common. Not much other than being photographed by me! This bee hive below was at my in laws. It is an active one. So we stood back and watched in awe. Aren’t people wondering where the bees are?! Well, they are here in Washington for sure!

This picture was taken during currant picking. All I needed was a little sign in the box with a sale price. But these were candid shots so next time I’ll think of it.

My son loved the taste. My father in law, on the other hand, spat them out behind my son’s back. I was amused. I knew they were sour. I guess they are going to make a spiced currant jelly for ham. I had no ideas of what you would make with this berry.

Lastly, this is the last call for anyone who would like to participate in my contest. By now you know what the prize is. If you don’t please refer to the last 5 posts. I will be picking the winner tonight at 9pm pacific time. Thank you to everyone being a part of spreading the love. I have entered a few contests myself and have yet to win. But one of these days I’ll win something!

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  1. janetfaye says:

    The beehive is huge!I have never seen one that large and lol I don't think I want to.

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