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Meet the Wiggins~Snohomish, WA


Well after enjoying some yummy “moose tracks” ice cream I’m ready to show off some more gorgeous faces on the blog.  I wish I could bottle up the energy that these two little ones have.  I’m not sure the energizer bunny could keep up.  ;)  Its good practice for me though.  Because I also have […]

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Meet the Kershaws~Redmond Family Portraits


Fall has been so brilliant this year.  Saturated with rich color from all our sunshine!  We have thoroughly be enjoying ourselves.  One of the highlights for us was a visit to Bob’s corn maze.  I would probably never make it out so I always bring along someone with a good sense of direction and mapping skills. […]

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Meet the Bonsers~Denny Park, Kirkland


Another session at the golden hour.  And to have photographed a lovely, beautiful family.  What a lucky lady I am! We corresponded over a year ago about this session and it was worth the wait.  I had such a fun time with them and the kiddos.  Denny Park has such beautiful scenery!  It was such a clear […]

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Keenan’s back~Snoqualmie Falls


I LOVE to watch my little clients grow up.  This is our third session together and this little guy is now 4!!  He has a beaming personality which you are about to see.  A killer smile with dreamy blue eyes that is such an adorable combo. I was quite impressed that he now also knows some yoga. We walked […]

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Meet more of the Bristols~Duvall Studio


Happy 35 years of marriage to this wonderful couple.  We celebrated together with a wonderful party and family photographs.  So many great memories we have together.  I’ve viewed them as my Aunty and Uncle my whole life.  They have been there for me through all the struggles in my life and the best times too.  I am […]

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Meet Avianna~Duvall Studio


This cutie patootie has a ton of personality.  She loved playing the piano (maybe a performer one day).  She is the star of the family for sure.  This is only a glimpse of my favorites.  She has a whole snow baby part that I’m in love with too.♥  I hope you like the favs. Thank you so […]

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Meet the Bristols~Bothell Country Village


I had another very special family to photograph!  The hubby was is my brother’s best friend growing up.  So most of the time it was the three of us playing legos and basketball outside.  He witnessed many sibling battles between my brother and I.  In fact, I think he was pretty much always there.  So I’m sure […]

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Meet Mae Mae~children’s portraits


FUN.Spunk.LAUGHTER.thrill.SERENITY.adventure.LOVE.  This describes how our session went This little one was the most entertaining 3-year-old I think I’ve photographed.  I can tell she is on her way to becoming a musician.  She sings, plays piano and guitar, and knows how to play air guitar.  That was pretty impressive.   I just loved following her around in […]

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Meet Tuzla at 3 months~in studio


I hope everyone is having a fabulous labor day weekend!  I’ve been trying to cram everything in.  Every year we usually hit up the Evergreen State Fair.  There we eat fair food until we’re sick and then go on some rides so we can feel even worse.  Why do we do this to ourselves?!  Well […]

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Meet the Benges~Tolt-Macdonald Park & Campground


We are quickly approaching the end of summer.  Back to the change of routine as school starts just around the corner.  I can’t wait!  And I know all you other moms out there are just as excited as I am.  ;)  So I’ve been busy this last month with lots of family sessions.  This being a […]

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